Synergic Weight Loss Center has been operating in Brockton, MA and serving eastern Massachusetts since 1982.  The office moved to Stoughton, MA in 2012.
"Lois Redican is not only highly skilled and experienced in health related issues and weight loss, but is a researcher and writer who has published articles and a book on these subjects.  She also cares deeply about her clients and their well being."  P. S.
"I loved your book....Even a dummy like me could understand it....Your book is about common sense & logic."  D. L.
"I just wanted to thank you very much for giving me hope again....One of your clients....picked up the manual for me....I am happy to announce that I lost 7.5 pounds in my first week....I never thought this would work for me.  I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you."  D. C.
"'ve done a great job helping me reach my goal and I hope your book will help others as you have helped me."  S. R. 
"I devoured your book.  It is the first time I ever read about food products, etc. in such a sensible way......"   K. Y.  
".....I went to the Synergic Center in Brockton, where I learned to eat right, and after coming off the insulin I was able to lose weight.  My neuropathy disappeared......."  M. B.
"...What had started out as a quest to drop a few pounds has resulted in a one hundred eightly degree turnaround for my life....After being on the plan for a little over four months I have been able to stop taking insulin, any diabetic related medicines, any acid reflux medication, shelved the breathing machine, gained a new strength and vitality, and have shed more than sixty pounds......"   D. F.